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Using Hortiwool To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

It’s finally that time again… With the sun shining a little longer, and the weather getting a little warmer, it’s time to start preparing your garden for the Spring!
On top of the usual February gardening tasks and clean-up, there are lots of ways in which 100% Wool Garden Pads can come in handy before the main growing season begins.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best uses for the Hortiwool Garden Pad to help prepare your garden for spring:


Wool contains nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plant growth. When it breaks down, it releases nitrogen into the soil, providing a natural fertiliser for your plants – this makes Hortiwool a totally sustainable alternative to peat!

Soil amendment

Wool can improve soil structure and aeration when incorporated into the soil. It can also help to increase the soil's water-holding capacity, and it’s amazing insulation properties can help to regulate soil temperature! Simply break up your Hortiwool Garden Pad and dig it into your soil to benefit from its awesome natural properties.


Retaining moisture and regulating soil temperature makes wool a great material to line pots and planters with. It is still breathable and allows drainage, but releases water slowly, boosting plant hydration. When it comes to hanging baskets, it also creates a great natural aesthetic too! Did you know that we have liners specifically sized for hanging baskets?


Use wool after weeding to help retain soil moisture and suppress new weed growth. Simply spread a layer of wool over the soil around your plants, being careful not to cover the base of your plants.

Growing Medium

Wool fibres are naturally porous and slightly acidic in pH creating a balanced growing environment for seedlings and microgreens. What’s more, as a natural material, if transplanting there’s no need to remove the seedling from the wool, everything can be re-potted into soil for extra nutrition and hydration as the wool breaks down while the plant grows!


Hortiwool offers gardeners the opportunity to adopt more sustainable practices, by ditching traditional materials such as plastic or peat, replacing it with a natural, renewable resource that can be composted at the end of its useful life.
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