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Our Top Tips To Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Christmas is fast approaching, and if you’re opting for a real Christmas tree this year, you may be working out the best time to put your tree up so it’s still looking its best come the big day!

There’s lots of factors which can affect how long your Christmas tree stays looking fresh and healthy, but there’s plenty you can do to help it along the way.

We’ve put together our favourite tips to extend its life as much as possible:


Pick your tree wisely

Christmas trees cut and ready to take home

Choose a tree which looks in great health with vibrant green needles, which are firmly attached to the branches. Looking out for sap on the truck is also a great indication of a freshly cut tree.

Avoid trees that have brown, dry needles or a trunk that is dry or cracked.

Give it a fresh trim

Cut Christmas tree base

Just a day after being cut, the base of the tree can dry out, effectively ‘sealing’ it so that it can no longer absorb water. To ensure your tree is able to drink the water you’re giving it, by trimming at least an inch off the bottom of the trunk.

Water is key

watering a christmas tree

The amount of water the tree needs can vary by its size, but you should be looking to water your tree every day. Remember, if the base dries out, it will no longer be able to absorb water!

By placing a Hortiwool Garden Pad around the base of the tree, this will allow a slower release of moisture, and prevent the trunk from drying up too quickly.

Check out how we did this last year at Hortiwool HQ!

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