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Hortiwool - 100% Wool Felt Pads For Garden, Home & Craft


Hortiwool has arrived!


Introducing Hortiwool and our 100% British Wool felt pads.

We have created a useful wool felt pad for use in and around the garden or on your allotment. Wool's awesome natural properties means our Hortiwool Pad is multi-use. Natural wool fibres are amazing. Not only boasting awesome protection properties, they are insulative, hold moisture and as they break down add vital nutrients to the soil.

Our Hortiwool Pad is the original product in our Hortiwool range. Creatively designed with versatility in mind, this pad can be used in a number of ways:

  • Hydration for hanging baskets
  • Nutrition for plant root balls
  • Protection against slugs
  • Insulation from frost for young plants
  • Add into compost as a nutritional aid
  • As a kneeling pad 
  • For mulching 
  • Break up the pad and dig into the soil 
  • Let wildlife harvest for nesting
  • ...Even Crafting!

Keep your plants warm over the winter, to protect them from the frost.

Hortiwool Wool Felt Pads can be used to wrap around your plants or tucked around the roots, keeping them toasty through the winter months.

Line your hedgehog hut, rabbit hutch or to leave out for the bird to use for nests.

Hortiwool Wool Felt Pads can be used to line hutches and huts. As the material is 100% pure wool, birds also love it to contribute to building their nests. Its got no chemicals or nasties added and is 100% natural.


Wool is an awesome insulator so our Hortiwool Wool Felt Pads can be wrapped around outside pipes to prevent freezing.  

Natural and safe protection from slugs.

Hortiwool Wool Felt Pads can be placed around plants and flowers to deter slugs.

100% natural material to line your hanging baskets.

Hortiwool Wool Felt Pads can be used to naturally line hanging baskets.

What about crafting?

Our Hortiwool Wool Felt pads are not limited to use in the Garden. They can also be used in crafting, such as stuffing cushions, socks, draft excluder or creating wool felt creatures.