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February Gardening Guide: Cultivating Your Garden's Potential with Hortiwool

Spring is slowly creeping in, (at last!) has anyone noticed their daffodils sprouting? So, what better time to begin preparing your garden and stocking up on everything you need.

Here's our February to-do list, for the multi-use Hortiwool Garden Pads:


Indoor Seed Starting: No-mess Growning Medium

rainbow chard microgreens in wool as a growing medium

Dive into the gardening season by starting your seeds indoors with Hortiwool. Using wool as a sustainable growing medium ensures optimal conditions for seed germination and promotes robust root development. Set up a cozy corner with ample light and warmth, sow your seeds in Hortiwool, and witness the magic unfold. Once your seedlings are ready to transplant, the wool will also add protection to the roots, and add valuable nutrients into the soil as it naturally breaks down, feeding the plants as they mature!

Prepare Your Compost: Top Tier Soil Enhancement

pulling apart a hortiwool wool pad before adding this into soil

However you normally fertilise your soil, Hortiwool can enhance it futher by enriching its texture and nutrient content when broken up and added to compost. Its ability to retain moisture also improves plant hydration by keeping the soil moist, and helps to regulate soil temperature during cold spells, protecting roots from late frosts.

Protect Tender Plants: Fabulous Frost Protection

an arrangement of small plant pots, with hortiwool wool placed around the stems of young plants.

Despite the hint of spring, February's lingering frost can threaten young plants. Safeguard them by covering vulnerable vegetation with Hortiwool, providing insulation against the chill. This versatile material not only protects against frost but also deters predators, ensuring your delicate plants thrive undisturbed. With Hortiwool, a little protection goes a long way in preserving your precious plants.

Wildlife Considerations: Nature's Best Nests

a bug hotel created out of old broken pots, stick and wool stacked to attract wildlife

Transform your garden into a haven for both plants and wildlife. Use Hortiwool as nesting material for birds or hedgehogs, or to insulate bee hives or bug hotels! With Hortiwool, you can easily nurture nature's companions and contribute to the flourishing ecosystem in your own back garden.


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