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A brilliant idea, over a decade in the making...

There’s nothing quite like a good, simple idea. Hortiwool is the latest in a long line of ingenious brainwaves from one of the UK’s most innovative companies – Woolcool.
We are company driven by ideas. For almost two decades, we have been harnessing the awesome properties of sheep’s wool to create sustainable insulated packaging for shipping fresh food and life-saving medicines.
From the ‘eureka moment’ when our founder Angela first discovered the potential of 100% sheep’s wool as an insulator for packaging to our Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, We have always looked for new ways of doing things, its in our DNA.
Crucially, that means listening to our customers’ ideas too – asking them to share the clever extra uses they have found for the wool liners found inside their packaging products.
And there was one place that we had the most feedback for the use of our natural, felted wool, this was in the garden.
Another brilliant, simple, natural idea. As a result we have launched Hortiwool, and our flagship product, the Hortiwool Garden Pad, a unique, sustainable multi-use product that allows gardeners to harness the amazing properties of one of Mother Nature’s most incredible materials – 100% pure sheep’s wool.
The Hortiwool Pad can be used for all kinds of gardening jobs, from hydrating hanging baskets to insulation young plants from frost – it can even be used as a comfortable and soft kneeling pad, to ease the knees of hard-working gardeners.
The Hortiwool Pad can be used for hydration for hanging baskets, protection against slugs and insulation for young plants against frost.
Because the Hortiwool Pad absorbs and maintains nutrition, it is perfect for helping planted root balls in their early stages – nurturing the plant from below the surface of the soil as the wool biodegrades over 12 months.
As our pads are 100% wool, they are completely compostable so can be added into your compost as a nutritional aid and for mulching – and they even provide safe, natural nesting material for wildlife in your garden.
In fact, when you think you have finally had full use of your Hortiwool Pad, you can simply break it up and dig it into your soil, releasing valuable nutrients and nitrates.
It’s such a simple idea: Wool is an incredible and natural material and the Hortiwool Pad is the first product we have produced which will give gardeners the opportunity to benefit from its properties.
Not only does the Hortiwool Pad have all the fantastic properties that the Wool fibres boast, it is a sustainable, plastic free garden material, which means we are all doing our bit in protecting the planet for future generations, something we are passionate about as a company, as our B Corp certification shows. Look out for future blogs where we will talk about this in more detail.
Now it’s over to you… our customers. We want your ideas! Over the years, using #letsboxclever on social media, Woolcool discovered the brilliant ways that wool liners has been reused. Now, with we’re asking gardeners to let us know of any other uses they come across for our new garden pads, via social media, using the #hortiwool hashtag.
With your help, we hope to keep those brilliant ideas coming!