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4 Benefits of using Copper Pots & Hortiwool Garden Pads

Hortiwool Garden Pads use 100% pure British sheep’s wool to help eco-conscious gardeners, enhance their grows. From its biodegradability to its moisture retention properties, or temperature regulation to nutritional value, using wool around the garden, home or allotment can help plants flourish.

With so many benefits coming from nature’s woolly ‘smart fibre’, we’ve been searching for other natural materials which sustainable gardeners could benefit from using, too!

In particular, copper is known for its durability and antimicrobial properties and has long been favoured in various industries for its sustainability credentials.

So, here’s our top 4 reasons to opt for copper in the garden:


Natural Pest Control

Copper is inherently resistant to pests and fungi, making it a natural choice for harmless chemical-free pest control. By using copper pots in combination with Hortiwool, gardeners can create a barrier against common garden pests, to protect precious grows.


Longevity and Reusability

Unlike plastic pots that degrade over time and contribute to environmental pollution, copper pots can last a lifetime and be reused repeatedly, making them a sustainable investment for long-term gardening projects.


Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond their functional benefits, copper pots add a touch of elegance to any garden with their distinctive metallic sheen. Paired with the natural texture of Hortiwool, they create visually stunning displays that enhance the overall aesthetics of your garden space.


Reduced Environmental Impact

By opting for Hortiwool and copper pots, gardeners can significantly reduce their environmental impact. Both materials are biodegradable and recyclable, ensuring that at the end of their lifecycle, they can be returned to the earth or repurposed without harm to the environment.



One of the only drawbacks to using copper pots in the garden, is their amazing ability to conduct electricity – this also makes them very good at conducting heat in the summer, and cold in the winter. The perfect solution to protect plants from these extremes? Hortiwool!

When combined with Hortiwool, copper pots offer a perfect synergy of functionality and sustainability in gardening.

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Head over to Copper & Green’s blog on how to perfectly line your copper pot with Hortiwool, to protect your plants from the elements, and allow use of your copper pots all year round, whatever the weather!